Theatre works

Don Hrabal, opera on own libreto (2017), National Theatre Prague (New Stage), director Linde Keprtová (2017)

Krásné psací stroje! (Beautiful typewriters!), on own libreto (2015),  for 5 singing actors and 3 music instruments, theatre Na zábradlí, Praha,  director J. Havelka (2016)

Hus až do konce, on own libreto (2015), theatre performance for two singing actors, two singers, piano and drums, theatre Divadlo Mana, Praha, director A. Laštovková Stodolová (2015)

Salon Kupka, on own libreto (2014), chamber theatre performance for one singing actor, accordion and theremin, theatre Na zábradlí / Museum Kampa, director ORSON, Praha (2014)

Velvet Havel, on own libreto (2014), theatre performance with live music, theatre Na zábradlí, director J. Frič, Praha (2014)
The Theatre Critics Award 2014 in 5 categories: the best music, the best Czech play, the best performance, the best actor, the best actress

The Wernisch Cabaret, on the poems by Ivan Wernisch (2013), theatre Husa na provázku, director A. Goldflam, Brno (2013)

Divadlo Gočár (Theatre Gocar), on own libreto (2012), musical on architecture, director Jan Nebeský, Theatre Komedie (2012) / Theatre Na zábradlí (2013),  Alfred Radok Award for the best music 2012

Tony D., on own libreto (2011), western-musical on Antonín Dvořák, director Jan Frič, A studio Rubin Prague (October 2011), performed in the U.S.A.

Hašek Cabaret, on the own libreto (2010), director Jan Frič, A studio Rubin Prague (2010)

Lamento/Dancing Dust (Day and night from the life of Mother Theresa) (2009), on the libretto by L. Trmikova, director Jan Nebeský, Roxy NoD (2010), Alfred Radok Award nomination for the best stage music 2010

Stage music to the play by Elfride Jelinek, What Happened After Nora Left Her Husband (2010), director Michal Dočekal, National Theatre Prague

Singspiel Velký sešit (The Notebook) (2008/9), on the own libretto, Divadlo Na Prádle

Stage music to the play by Hadar Galron Mikveh (2008), director Michal Dočekal, National Theatre Prague - Theatre of the Estates/Stavovské divadlo

Stage music to the play by Moliere Don Juan (2008), director Jan Nebeský, National Theatre Prague - Theatre of the Estates/Stavovské divadlo

Musical štěstí dam (Happines of Ladies), based on the novel by Emil Zola (2008), Theatre DISK 2008, Pesti Szinhaz/Budapest 2009 (in Hungarian under the name A nö vagya)

Stage-Oratorium Jana z Arku/ Jeanne d'Arc (2007) on the libretto by Lucie Trmíková, performed in the Czech churches 2007-2010

Stage music to the fairy-tale by Akram Staněk Červená karkulka (2007), Theatre in Zlín

Ivan Blatný Cabaret (2007) on the own libretto, based on the poems by Ivan Blatný, Theatre Komedie in Prague, 80:00, Alfred Radok Award Nomination 2007 for the best stage music

Stage music to the play by Reto Feinger Kaltes Land (2007), Theatre DISK

Stage music to the drama by Koffi Kwahulé Nestyda (2004), Theatre DISK

Opera Lidská tragikomedie / Human tragicomedy, opera in 3 acts, on own libretto based on the drama by Ladislav Klíma (2002), world premiere 23.3.2003 at the National Theatre Prague-Theatre of the Estates/ Stavovské divadlo, 62:00

Stage music to the play škola šašků /The School of Fools (1999), theatre Husa na Provázku in Brno

Works for orchestra

Rock for Strings and Electric Quitar (II. version of the former chamber piece), premiered by Orchestra Berg and David Holý, 2014, 12:00

S_polu S_ami (To_gether A_lone) (I. version 2008, II. version 2009), a composition in two movements for chamber orchestra and percussion, 16:00, performed by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in Rudolfinum during the International Music Festival Prague Premmieres 2009 and by Orchestra Berg 2008

Roxymoron for strings, trombone, contrabass, marimba and percussion (2007), 8:00

RE: for symphony orchestra (2007), 9:00, performed in Rudolfinum during the International Music Festival Prague Premmieres

ValseMeOhValseMe for strings, harp, percussion and celesta (2006), 10:50

Čekáme Tě! /We are waiting for You! - hommage to Leoš Janáček for symphony orchestra (2003), 13:30 (awarded in an International Composers Competition of Leoš Janáček)

Concerto grosso for symphony orchestra (1998), 13:00

Chamber works

Somewhere, music for animated film, for piano, violoncello and quitar (2017), 10:00

Piano Trio Mystery of Symmetry (2015), 13:00

Mistero Respiro for accordion and soprano saxophone (2014), 10:00

Rock for 22 Strings (2013), string quartet with quitar, premiered in Washington D.C. in 2014, 12:00 

Albaribarisopten for saxophone Quartet (2007), 9:30, recorded by Bohemia Saxophone Quartet for the Czech Broadcast

Tom Bellophone for toms, bells and vibraphone (2004), 8:00

Prosper and Gamble for cello, drums and bassclarinet (2004), 12:00, recorded for the Czech Broadcast

Batteria aeterna for marimba, drum set, congo drum set and bells (2003), 7:00

444 Guitars, 4 Pieces for Guitar Quartet (2001), 11:00

Tumen Romouralé /Vy cikánci!; Ay, Gipsies!, for cello and organ (2000), 5:30

Choralissimo et Passacaglia for organ solo (1999), 5:00

Suite for cello solo (1997), 10:50

Projížďky /Joyrides for 2 trumpets - muta 2 clarinets (1997), 5:00

Sarabanda forever, electroacoustical composition (1997), 5:00

Passacaglia for cello solo (1996), 4:30

4 Organs (for 4organs), electroacoustical 1 tone composition (1996), 5:20

String Quartet (1996), 7:00

Sonata for cello solo (1995), 5:30

3 Pieces for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1995), 6:20

6 útržků / 6 scraps for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola and piano (1994), 7:30

Sonata for violin and piano (1994), 6:30

Sonata for piano (1993), 8:00

Variations for piano (1992), 7:00

Vocal works

Kouzla (The Spells) for mixed choir on poems by Ivan Blatný (2015), 8:00, premiered by the Kühn Choir of Prague 4. 11. 2015, recorded by the Czech Broadcast.

Papli Songs for soprano, flute and piano (2014), 11:00

OCTO for four male voices and saxophone quartet (2010), 12:00

PASEJAMá for countertenor, 2 tenors and bass on the texts by P.P. Pasolini, E. Jandl and K.H. Mácha (2005), 13:00 (recorded by vocal group Affeto for the Czech Broadcast; the recording awarded in the competition Rostrum tribune Paris 2006)

Držím vám palce! /Good luck!, Melodrama for speaker, female voice, piano and 2 drums players (2005), 10:30

Adieu Musen, 7 songs for soprano, tenor, cello and piano on the poetry by Czech poetists in the German translation (2005), 28:00

Desátá / The 10th for solo soprano on the poetry by Ivan Blatný (2005), 2:45

Die Musik ist fein und fern, 10 songs for 2 sopranos and cello on poetry by Ivan Blatný and J.H.Krchovský (2004), 35:00

Requiem for Iva Bittová and a small ensemble (CD Supraphon Echoes, 2001), 8:30

Vánoce v sanatoriu /Christmas Eve in a sanatorium on poems by Ivan Blatný, for mixed choir (1999), 7:00

Missa Zingarrica for Iva Bittová and a small ensemble (with Miloš Štědroň sen.), (CD Supraphon, Iva Bittová Classic, 1997), 5:30

Stracholam (on poems by Jan Skácel) for soprano, 2 violins and viola (1995), 7:00